About Us

Jag Ply Pty Ltd was formed in February 2006 with a very small investment and few people. It began as a warehouse service to its partner, International Panels Australia (IPAPL). Today, Jag Ply continues to provide that service along with efficiently operating a panel cutting and a CNC router service.

The reason we are successful today is because of our commitment, dedication and hard work that strive us to provide customer satisfaction through our quality products and services.

We have a qualified team to handle each and every department to make our products & services stand out in the market place.

Our large loyal customer base is proof that we do not compromise on quality, our pricing is extremely competitive and that we are committed to getting the job done on time.

As an organisation we continue to work hard so that we can grow to be a much bigger company. We strive to serve more & more customers and to become a respected company in the industry.

The company is owned and operated by former industry managers in the Australian plywood sector. Between them, they possess a vast wealth of plywood manufacturing experience in numerous Australian and New Zealand plywood mills.

Please call us for a quote (07) 3875 1826 or send your enquiry through the request a quote page here.

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